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    Welcome to the INA International Academy for Play Therapy Studies and Psychosocial Projects Meet the Founders Our area of expertise is integrating Play Therapy and Expressive Arts in crisis work Learn how the transformative and healing power of play and expressive arts can be applied in international crisis work, in various cultural contexts and settings, inside and outside the playroom, live and remote. Discover the Academy Certification As an Approved Provider of Play Therapy Continuing Education (APT & APTI), participation in Academy trainings and passing the corresponding post-tests allows CE Credit Hours that are required to earning or renewing Play Therapy and Therapeutic Play credentials. Get your Certification Resources Start learning or deepen your knowledge about the fields of play therapy, expressive arts, and crisis work by downloading free articles and purchasing books published by top publishers. New articles and publications will be available soon! Access Online Articles Play Therapy Models Follow #playisthefuture on Instagram

  • Manuale di Filial Therapy per genitori

    < Back Manuale di Filial Therapy per genitori An handbook written by Risë VanFleet (Play Therapy Press, 2012) [Available in Italian] The "Parent's Handbook of Filial Therapy: Building Strong Families with Play" by Dr. Risë VanFleet has been available in Italian since 2020. This handbook is designed to be used as part of the Filial Therapy process, often as a tool to support discussions and work with parents. It is a valuable tool for caregivers embarking on a Filial Therapy journey and for the trained professionals who guide them through the process. Indeed, the manual explains what Filial Therapy is, presents goals and principles, the sequence of therapy and toys used, essential skills, play themes and additional special topics. Italian translation by Claudio Mochi, MA, RPT-S™, Certified Instructor in Filial Therapy. Cover image by Isabella Cassina. The handbook can only be purchased through the official channels of the International Academy for Play Therapy studies and Psychosocial Projects (INA) by writing to . Previous Next

  • Enhancing Resilience in Play Therapy With Child and Family Survivors of Mass Trauma

    < Back Enhancing Resilience in Play Therapy With Child and Family Survivors of Mass Trauma A chapter written by Risë VanFleet and Claudio Mochi (The Guilford Press 2015) Mass trauma, in which whole communities or regions are affected by a disaster, is particularly challenging because the infrastructure is often destroyed, and people's access to resources is eliminated. This chapter is designed to provide an understanding of the needs of communities of people (especially children and parents) in such situations; a template for intervening soon after such an event; and the importance of play and play therapy for capitalizing on and building resilience in children and families, both immediately after a disaster and long into the future. The chapter briefly outlines the impact of disasters on the psychosocial well-being of survivors; describes appropriate roles for play therapists and other mental health professionals; highlights the importance of play in the disaster context; and provides examples of play-based interventions that can be conducted in the field soon after mass disasters, as well as more traditionally delivered play therapy interventions that can be applied to help children and their families later in the process of disaster recovery. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2019 APA, all rights reserved) More information is available at Previous Next

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