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The Academy offers high-level specialized activities in the areas of play therapy, therapeutic play, and expressive arts therapy with a focus on interventions in crisis settings and trauma work.

Crisis Work:

Needs Assessment
Project Development
Monitoring & Evaluation
Capitalization Of The Experience


Training & Projects:

Theoretical & Experiential Learning
Demonstration & Coaching
Supervision & Monitoring
Advanced Learning
Personal Growth

I) Capacity Building is intended for professionals from the following fields:

  • Mental Health (Psychologists & Psychotherapists)

  • Education (Teachers & Educators)

  • Rehabilitation (Occupational Therapists & Speech Therapists)

  • Health (Nurses)

  • Social (Social Workers)

II) Working in contexts such as:

  • Post-Disaster & High-Risk Countries

  • Schools & other Learning Environments

  • Hospitals & Rehabilitation Facilities

  • Foster Care Centers & Services

  • Hosting Centers for Asylum Seekers & Refugees


III) The Academy provides the opportunity to obtain:

  • Play Therapy Certifications

  • Therapeutic Play Certifications

  • Certified Expert in the Application of Play Therapy in Crisis Contexts (beginning in 2024!)

If you wish consultancy for your psychosocial projects and services or to attend training and conferences on how to integrate play therapy and expressive arts in crisis work, do not hesitate to contact the Academy.

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