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This page lists key resources in order of publication (starting with the most recent) written by Isabella Cassina and Claudio Mochi with a focus on play therapy and crisis work, including their approach "Coping with the present while building for the future" (CPBF).



  • Mochi, C. (2023). Le esperienze socio-emotive nel promuovere sviluppo e sopravvivenza: Il contributo di Allan Schore, Rivista di Play Therapy, 6, 2023.

  • Cassina, I. (2022). 'Unified sculpture'. In L., Lowenstein (ed.). Assessment and treatment activities for children, adolescents, and families, Vol. 4, Champion Press.


  • Cassina, I. (2022). L'impatto del trauma sullo sviluppo del bambino: Applicare il modello neurosequenziale alla Play Therapy, Rivista di Play Therapy, 5, 2022.

  • Cassina, I. (2022). La prospettiva di genere nel gioco dei bambini, Rivista di Play Therapy, 4, 2022.

  • Stewart, A., Echterling, L., & Mochi, C. (2016). 'Disaster and crisis intervention: The play therapist’s roles in promoting recovery'. In D., Creenshaw, & A., Steward (eds.) Play therapy: A comprehensive guide, Guilford Press.

  • VanFleet, R., & Mochi, C. (2015). 'Enhancing resilience in play therapy with child and family survivors of mass trauma'. In D., Creenshaw, R., Brooks, & S., Goldstein (eds.) Enhancing resilience in play therapy, Guilford Press.


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