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INA is an Approved Provider of Play Therapy Continuing Education by the APT (USA) #20-602 and the APTI #15-001.​ Academy trainers are exclusively professionals with credentials registered by the leading institutions in the fields of play therapy, therapeutic play, and expressive arts or internationally renowned academics.

The Association for Play Therapy, Inc. (APT) designates organizations as Approved Providers to:

  • protect and promote high quality APT-approved standards of post-graduate level play therapy continuing education and training;

  • identify play therapy training that mental health professionals can apply towards earning or renewing the Registered Play Therapist™ (RPT), Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor™ (RPT-S), or School Based-Registered Play Therapist™ (SB-RPT) credentials; and

  • ensure access by play therapists to quality play therapy training opportunities. 

demonstration of a play therapy session
students during the learn to play therapy training

International Events

The Academy regularly organizes trainings and academic conferences in Switzerland and abroad, both in-person and online. In cooperation with local partners, we have developed activities and psychosocial projects in 6 Continents and currently 15 Countries and over 30 Cities. Find out what the next event on the calendar is!

Academy Trainers

The Academy's trainings and events are presented exclusively by professionals with credentials registered by the leading institutions in the fields of play therapy, therapeutic play, and expressive arts, or academics internationally renowned for their contribution to the field of psychotherapy.

students during the sandtray therapy training

Francesca Romana Manni, Psychologist-Psychotherapist

I am very impressed to have found really good training after years of study and specialization! I found very competent lecturers and appreciated the lots of practice supported by theory.

Antonio Di Pofi, Speech Therapist

I was thrilled and enormously satisfied with the training. The competence, preparation, professionalism as well as humanity and helpfulness of the lecturers is undeniable. It was certainly a remarkable professional and personal enrichment.

Alice Righetti, Psychologist-Psychotherapist

It was a wonderful experience. Cool, fun, shaking, enriching. Thanks to you, Isabella and Claudio, and thanks to the super classmates. Learning in a playful, non-judgmental environment was wonderful for me!

Amanda Rossini, Clinical Psychologist

The training is incredibly useful in providing practical guidance for working with children. It is presented by combining theory with experiential activities and moments of reflection and discussion. The teachers are very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and helpful.

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