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Introduzione alla Play Therapy. Quando il Gioco è la Terapia

A book written by Claudio Mochi and Isabella Cassina (INA Play Therapy Press, 2021) [Only available in Italian]

Introduzione alla Play Therapy. Quando il Gioco è la Terapia

This book contains everything you need to know to approach play therapy, a scientifically grounded and highly effective field of intervention that appeared at the beginning of the 20th century from the insight that has become with time a certainty: adult therapy cannot be applied to children.

Originating from the international experience of Claudio Mochi and Isabella Cassina, the book is an introductory guide that encompasses theoretical and practical content aimed at students and professionals in mental health, and more generally in the developmental age, who are interested in the use of play as therapy with child, adolescent, and family clients. But the book includes much more: the reader is involved in a learning process.

The text presents key concepts from neuroscience, the origins, evolution, and research in play therapy, a review of current and most effective models, a description of the therapeutic powers of play and types of intervention along with considerations and advice on typical playroom features and tools. All is enhanced by practical activities useful to professionals in working with children and families.

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