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Rivista di Play Therapy

A magazine edited by the Association for Play Therapy Italy [Only available in Italian]

Rivista di Play Therapy

The first Italian-language Play Therapy magazine (ISSN: 2673-9151) is published by the Association for Play Therapy APTI, a Board Member of the IC-PTA (

The magazine features exclusive articles and interviews that allow professionals and students to stay up-to-date and expand their knowledge about the fascinating world of play and its therapeutic powers, developmental psychology and psychotherapy, play therapy models, and more.

In the magazine you can find exclusive interviews with Dr David Crenshaw, Dr Athena Drewes, Dr John Seymour, articles by Dr Eliana Gil, Dr Sue Bratton, Theresa Fraser and many other world renowned professionals!

>>> INA is one of the official distributors of the magazine in Switzerland and Italy. Download FREE PDFs here:

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