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Manuale di Filial Therapy per genitori

An handbook written by Risë VanFleet (Play Therapy Press, 2012) [Available in Italian]

Manuale di Filial Therapy per genitori

The "Parent's Handbook of Filial Therapy: Building Strong Families with Play" by Dr Risë VanFleet has been available in Italian since 2020. This handbook is designed to be used as part of the Filial Therapy process, often as a tool to support discussions and work with parents.

It is a valuable tool for caregivers embarking on a Filial Therapy journey and for the trained professionals who guide them through the process. Indeed, the manual explains what Filial Therapy is, presents goals and principles, the sequence of therapy and toys used, essential skills, play themes and additional special topics.

Italian translation by Claudio Mochi, MA, RP, RPT-S™, Certified Instructor in Filial Therapy. Cover image by Isabella Cassina, MA, TPS, PhD Candidate in Expressive Arts Therapy. The handbook can only be purchased through the official channels of the International Academy for Play Therapy (INA).

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